Skilled Lawyer Represents Florida Residents in Real Estate Matters

Tampa attorney provides reliable service for property owners, sellers and renters

Buying, selling or renting property can become complicated and lead to a variety of disputes. At Befeler Law Firm, P.A. we have spent years helping clients prevent home foreclosure, unravel title disputes and resolve homeowner and community association conflicts. Whatever your property issue, we will provide skilled advice and representation to achieve the best results possible.     

Legal counsel aims to prevent foreclosure through the creation of a strategic defense

Florida has had historically high foreclosure rates, but there are options for homeowners who are facing the loss of their house. In most cases, the lender must wait 120 days after an owner becomes delinquent in payment before taking any legal action. Once they do initiate a foreclosure case, our experienced foreclosure attorney can provide prompt and forceful foreclosure defense using a variety of legal tactics and strategies to prevent loss of the property or minimize the potential financial loss for the owner, such as:

If foreclosure action has begun, don’t wait to seek legal assistance. Our Firm has the skill and experience to guide you through this process and to help you choose the best approach

Committed lawyer takes a proactive approach to real estate transactions and title disputes

Whether you are buying or selling property, having a knowledgeable real estate attorney involved from the start will provide increased confidence that your interests and rights are being protected throughout the process. Toward that goal, our office offers reliable service and helps clients by negotiating, drafting or reviewing listing agreements, purchase contracts and lending or closing documents.  In addition to these types of transactional services, our attorneys also work to ensure that you have clear title to your property, which protects your ability to use and sell the property without interference. Public record and boundary errors or unknown liens and encumbrances are among many problems that can cloud the title and complicate property ownership. Similarly, disputes or problems with homeowners associations, condominium associations, contractors, or municipalities may result in an association lien, municipal lien, or contractors lien that negatively affects title of your property. You can depend on our many years of experience to analyze and eliminate title problems before they can create difficulty.

Additional Services Provided

  • Attendance at closing
  • Assistance in reviewing documents for buying or selling a home
  • Transfer of property ownership
  • Representation of buyers from contract to closing
  • Review of documents for construction of a new residence by a builder
  • Representation of foreign real estate investors
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Enhanced Life Estate Deeds and Lady Bird Deeds
  • Real estate disputes between former spouses after divorce
  • Judgment lien issues
  • Claim of lien issues on real property
  • Rent to own or lease with the option to purchase
  • Refinancing mortgage issues
  • Partition action for disputes between co-owners of real property
  • Review of title, examination or owner and encumbrance (“O & E”) reports
  • Issues with “As Is” Contracts for Purchase and Sale of Real Property
  • Quiet title actions
  • Timeshare issues
  • Negotiation to seek release and cancellation of a timeshare
  • Pre-suit demands for concealed or hidden defects of real estate after purchase
  • Review and analyze title issues for possible solutions
  • Residential evictions
  • Unlawful detainer actions
  • Commercial evictions
  • Residential lease disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Code enforcement issues involving real property

Contact a trusted Florida attorney for all your real estate issues

At the Befeler Law Firm, P.A. you can count on our Firm’s excellent representation and first-rate service. With many years of experience working with families, homeowner’s associations, condominium associations, property managers and real estate developers throughout Florida, our attorneys have successfully resolved a wide range of real estate issues. To arrange a consultation to discuss your case, please call our Tampa office at 813-489-1040 or contact us online.